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Chihiro Onitsuka

She was born in Miyazaki in 1980. She met Jewel’s songs and was impressed by her when she was in high school. She started music by this time. Her talent was recognized at an audition before graduation. She came to Tokyo and focused on creating her sounds. Many of her songs which got popular later were made at that time. In February 2000, she debut with “Shine”. The second single “Gekkou” was used as the main song of the TV drama program “TRICK”. It was a long time hit. In November, the single “Cage” and the second single “Memai / edge” in February 2001 were released. The first album “Insomnia” released in March was ranked number 1 on the ORIKON chart. Her first national tour was “CHIHIRO ONITSUKA LIVE TOUR2001” at Rock Festivals in the summer. Her strong live performance with the piano attracted many Rock fans. In December, she won the Japan Record Award for songwriter with “Memai”. She also won the Japan Gold Disc Award with “Insomnia”. She was earning her career in the Japanese music scene.
She continues CD releases and live shows. She started creating songs in 2006. She started recording with Takeshi Kobayashi producer. In March 2007, she attended “AP BANG! Tokyo Creators Meeting”. She released “Everyhome” with Universal Music; A&M RECORDS after 2 years and 7 months absence. She joins NAPOLEON RECORDS, the independent music label. She came back to the music scene with the single “Bokura Barairo no Hibi” in September, and “LAS VEGAS”, the fourth album in October.

April 26th in 2008, she challenged the outdoor solo live music festival. With Producer Masayuki Sakamoto, she released a single called “Hotaru” which was the main song of the film “Last Game, Saigo no Keiohsen” and also released the LIVE DVD “NINE DIRTS AND SNOW WHITE FLICKERS”. In May 2009 “ X/ Last melody”, limited release, in July “Kaerimichi wo Nakuchite”, in September” Youen” in October “DOROTHY” the fifth album was released.

On April 28th, 2010, she released her “Best of” album “ONE OF PILLARS” ~BEST OF CHIHIRO ONITSUKA 2000-2010~”, which records her history as an artist
On April 6th, 2011 she released a single “ Aoi Tori” from For Life Music Entertainment and on April 20th, released “Ken to Kaede”, the sixth album, at the same time, she released her essay “ Tsuki no Hahen” by Gentosha.

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