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  • LinQ (pronounced: Link) is an Idol group from Kyushu, Japan that debut in April 17, 2011.

  • FAKY (fei:key) is a 5 member girls group consisting of

  • Based out of Tokyo, Japan, THE OCEAN’S is a Hip Hop group that comprises of 1DJ4MCs.

  • w-inds. (winds) is a vocal & dancing group comprised of Keita Tachibana, vocal, Ryohei Chiba and Ryuichi Ogata, chorus, rap .

  • A multi-lingual J-pop singer-songwriter and TV host May J.


November 8 – Lineup

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d=out “Koiabaki Amezarashi”
THE STARBEMS “Vanishing City”
Ningenisu “Namahage”
Himekyun Fruit Can “Andante”
Derailers “Master Blaster”
d=out “Zange no Hanamichi”


Nov 8 (Sat) 10:00PM – 10:30PM
Nov 9 (Sun) 10:00PM – 10:30PM
Nov 10 (Mon) 11:30AM – 12:00PM, 4:30PM– 5:00PM, 7:30PM–8:00PM
Nov 11 (Tue) 11:30AM – 12:00PM, 4:30PM – 5:00PM, 7:30PM–8:00PM
Nov 12 (Wed) 11:30AM – 12:00PM, 4:30PM – 5:00PM, 7:30PM–8:00PM