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March 19th 2017 O.A.

Autism Flight Experience Day

On Saturaday, February 25th, a boarding experience program was held at LAX for supporting children with autism. LAX has been doing this program for autistic children, aiming to promote airport safety and services since many of them feel fear and discomfort when traveling. And this time, ANA has volunteered as the first asian airline.About 100 parents and kids with autism was invited to the airport through local organization. At the boarding gate, teddy bears were gifted by the LAX airport police and pictures were taken with the K-9 police dogs. This day became an important life experience for kids.

The New Year’s gathering of the Nikkei Helpline

Saturday, February 25th was the New Year’s gathering of the Nikkei Helpline in Little Tokyo. The Nikkei Helpline was founded in 1986 after a mother killed her 2 children and attempted suicide in Santa Monica Bay. Their mission is to assist with trouble related to language barrier and cultural differences that Japanese people have when coming to the US. After the economic bubble burst in Japan, many Japanese companies left the US and donations have decreased. Now, the helpline is ran by the Telephone Counselling Service. Chairman, Toshio Handa stated “We don’t have the spotlight but let’s continue to support each other and continue this organization.” The phone lines are open from 10am to 10pm with a 2 shift system. Operators mainly discuss divorce, domestic violence, and care for callers that suffer from emotional distress.

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