Naotora -The Lady Warlord

Air Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm English Subtitled

There was  “The Lady Warlord” who succeeded as a head of a clan, who took the name of a valiant male during the Warring States Period. Her name was “Ii Naotora”, the head of Ii clan who ruled a province called “Toutoumi”. Every time in the war, the head of the clan was killed, and the princess “Naotora” who was left alone confronted troubled times. While three big clans, “Imagawa”, “Takeda” and “Tokugawa”, were targeting the “Toutoumi” province, the only things which she could rely on without power and resources, were her own wisdom and courage. “Naotora” ruled the province in cooperation with companions, protected a young heir’s life, and built the foundation of further development of the clan. The force that drove her life was her sincere love to her fiancé from childhood. This drama draws in her turbulent life lived during the Warring States Period, by carrying through love and opening up her own fate.

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