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Dec 25th (Sat) O.A. NEWS DIGEST

Heavy Rain

On December 8th, Bank of the West held customer appreciation dinner in Pasadena.
As of December 22nd, 320 rain related accidents have occurred due to this storm. Many places also experienced damage from flooding and power failure.

Asahi Gakuen

Asahi Gakuen held it’s 2nd semester closing ceremony on December 18th. 500 elementary to high school students gathered in the Santiago High School gym in Garden Grove. Students who excelled in the JBA sponsored ECO picture and slogan contest were awarded certificates and all were praised for their hard work during the 2nd semester.

Holiday Hot Mess

“Holiday Hot Mess”, an event to celebrate Japanese “Gal” fashion, was held at Royal T in Culver City on December 21st. The event featured a fashion show presented by the “Star Court” clothing shop in LA. Fashion show models wore “Gal” fashion clothes with a Christmas theme.
“Gal” fashion was started by young women in Shibuya and nearby cities in Japan, and has come to some popularity in West Coast America as well. “Holiday Hot Mess” was sponsored in junction by “Tune in Tokyo” and “Diamond”, one of the biggest Gal circles on the West Coast. Right now, there is only one shop that sells Japanese Gal clothes in LA. “Diamond” wishes to produce more shops where “Gal” style clothes can be bought.

Round 1

Round 1, a popular bowling and entertainment center in Japan, opened their first center outside of Japan last August in the City of Industry. Carrying all the same services and activities as it’s Japanese counterparts, the City of Industry’s Round 1 has features which no other bowling alley in America has. Features such as shoe rental vending machines and “Moonlight Strike” are staple Round 1 trademarks that are new to America.
“Moonlight Strike”, is a bowling event which is held every hour in which the lights in the alley go dim and everyone on their current turn bowl on queue in an attempt to get a timely strike. Those lucky enough to get a strike are rewarded with a variety of fun prizes from Round 1. Karaoke, table tennis and billiards are all popular activities, but the hottest corner in Round 1 is the “Amusement Arcade” corner which is filled with more than 200 game machines. Five Japanese style photo booths, known in Japan as “purikura” also occupy this corner. All five machines can be used in English which hopes to spread their popularity in America. A UFO catcher give away is also received monthly directly from Japan.
Round 1 is open from 10am to 2am and is open on 12/21 an 1/1.

DUI Checkpoint

The LAPD has strengthened their drunk driving inspection efforts and crackdown DUI checkpoints have been strategically placed to coincide with the Holiday season. Entering the month of December, drunk driving traffic accidents and deaths have climbed compared to the rest of the year.


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