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Apr 19th(SAT)  10:15am & 6pm
Minced Meat Katsu
Beef and pork grounded together 300g
Sea salt 300g
Pepper few
Onion 1/2
Garlic 1clove
Bread crumbs 20g
Milk 1/4cup
Beaten egg 1/2
Wheat proper quantity
Beaten egg1/2+Cold water 1/2cup
Bread crumbs proper quantity
▼Spring cabbage Coleslaw
Cabbage 1/4(300g)
Carrot 30g
Parsley(Finely chopped)1tbsp
Kewpie Coleslaw ressing 4tbsp
※with English Subtitle!
Apr 27thSpaghetti with Greens and Carbonara Sauce
Apr 26thHand Mixed Bonito Sushi
Apr 20thOkara Balls with Sweet Sour Sauce
Apr 19thMinced Meat Katsu
Apr 13thFried Tuna and Kabocha Pumpkin
Apr 12thTri-Color Sprinkled Donburi
Apr 6thBurdock Root and Walnut Pound Cake
Apr 5thMacau Minchy
Mar 30th3 Kinds of Barbeque
Mar 29thFrench Toast
Mar 23rdShrimp Croquette
Mar 22ndTofu Fried Egg
Mar 16thGider Pork
Mar 15thMeat Balls with Asparagus
Mar 9thBamboo Shoot and Udo Root Spring Rolls
Mar 8thSnapper Sashimi Salad
Mar 2ndBamboo Shoot Tempura with Beef Wrap
Mar 1stChicken Karaage
Feb 23rdTeriyaki Spanish Mackerel
Feb 22ndCrispy Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts and Chives
Feb 16thGreen Pepper Steak
Feb 15thBamboo Shoot Rice
Feb 9thTomato and Cheese Omelet
Feb 8thAsparagus and Clam Risotto
Feb 2ndSimmered Beef and Bamboo Shoots
Feb 1stShrimp and Spring Vegetable Soup
Jan 26thSweet Sour Meat Ball and Potato
Jan 25thTomato Fried Rice
Jan 19thStrawberry Mousse
Jan 18thWheat Gluten Okonomiyaki
Jan 12thSteamed Shabushabu with Burdock Sauce
Jan 11thSnap Peas with Kinako Chinese Peas and Salted Salmon Rice
Jan 5thStir Fried Spring Cabbage and Egg
Jan 4thLiver with Miso Sauce
Dec 29thSimmered Bamboo Shoots
Dec 28thMacaroni Cream Croquette
Dec 22ndField Mustard, Tofu and Anchovy Pasta
Dec 21stWon Bok and Beef Chongul
Dec 15thMashed Potato and Layered Beef Casserole
Dec 14thSteamed Chicken and Spinach with Onion Sauce
Dec 8thSimmered Miso Scallop and Egg
Dec 7thEgg Drop Soup with Nameko

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