Company Project Profile


4/1/2004 Shintaro Ishihara, the governor of Tokyo / charity seminar in Japanese American Cultural & Community Center attracted 880
9/1/2004 Takeshi Yoro / seminar in Japanese American Cultural & Community Center attracted 800
10/1/2004 Kimimaro Ayanokoji / charity live at El Camino College attracted 2,400
4/1/2005 Soichiro Tahara / charity seminar in Japanese American Cultural & Community Center attracted 880
4/1/2006 Korokke / Impressions Live Show at Entertainment Center attracted 2,000
7/1/2006 Hosted by Yoshimoto Kogyo co., Ltd & UTB / comedy routine in Hollywood Kodak Theatre attracted 2,600
8/1/2008 Mariko Bando / seminar in Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center attracted 1,200
8/1/2008 Yuichi Kimura / comedy routine in Writers Guild Theater Beverly Hills attracted 880
7/1/2009 Fuzjko Hemming / piano recital in Santa Monica & NY Broad Stage attracted 2,080
10/1/2009 Yoshiko Sakurai / seminar in Redondo Beach Performing Arts center attracted 1,200
6/1/2010 Jin Akanishi / You & Jin Live Show at Club Nokia attracted 6,000
9/1/2010 Harumi Kurihara / cooking & talk show in Marriott Hotel attracted 800
2/1/2011 Jin Akanishi / Yellow Gold America Tour (5 cities of America) attracted 10,000
9/1/2011 Chizu Saeki / seminar in Torrance Marriott Hotel attracted 600
8/1/2013 JAM PROJECT / Anime songs live show at Musicians Institute attracted 500
7/1/2014 May’n / live show at Music Institute attracted 500
8/1/2014 Kenichi Ebina / in El Camino College attracted 3,000

【Film Production】

2009 TOYO’S CAMERA 2012 (36th) Fumiko Yamaji Cultural Award : Mr. Junichi Suzuki (director)
While bringing in cameras to interment camp was prohibited, one photographer smuggled in his own camera lens and built a camera to take photographs of life behind barbed wires. Thant man was photographer Toyo Miyatake. Through an artistic medium, Miyatake captured the devastating conditions during WWⅡ, when Japanese Americans could not belong to Japan or America.
2010 442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity- 2012 (36th) Fumiko Yamaji Cultural Award : Mr. Junichi Suzuki (director)
During WWⅡ, soldiers of the 442 Regiment, composed mainly of Japanese Americans fought not only the enemy but also prejudice in their homeland.
However, the 442 became the most decorated regiments for its size and length of service in the US military history.
This is the film portraying their combat during WWⅡ and their lives today.
2012 MIS -Human Secret Weapon- 2012 (36th) Fumiko Yamaji Cultural Award : Mr. Junichi Suzuki (director)
When the US Army realized its deficiencies in intelligence operations against Japan, Japanese American soldiers were secretly trained for the Military Intelligence Service. They proved their patriotism to the country that had caged their families in the internment camps by choosing to fight against the same race.
2014 WA-SHOKU~Beyond Sushi~
WA-SHOKU: Beyond Sushi is an in-depth journey into the origins of the traditional food of Japan, or Wa-Shoku, in America and explores the history, impact and fascination of all Japanese cuisine—not just Sushi—and its continuing global popularity. Included in the documentary is the story of Noritoshi Kanai, Chairman of Mutual Trading Co., the revolutionary man who introduced the US to Wa-Shoku with Sushi—a delicacy that would become a cultural phenomenon and still enjoys tremendous popularity to this day. Director Suzuki provides intimate behind-the-scenes stories of well-known chefs who express their passion for Wa-Shoku and how they have dedicated their lives to uphold the standard of excellence of Japan’s customary cultural cuisine. This film features many noteworthy celebrity chefs including, Nobu Matsuhisa, chef/owner of Nobu restaurants, Katsuya Uechi, chef/owner of Katsu-ya group, Tyson Cole, chef/owner of Uchi restaurant, world-renown French chef Joël Robuchon, Yoshihiro Murata chef/owner of Kyoto Kikunoi, and more. This full-length feature documentary, which runs just under 107 minutes, looks at the past and at the future possibilities of Wa-Shoku.
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