Production / Business Outline

Television Broadcasting

【Television / Cable broadcasting in the Southern California area】

UTB’s programming airs on Ch.18 KSCI-TV. The station covers Southern California.
Viewers include Japanese, Japanese-Americans, and other nationalities.

Video Production/Advertising Agency

Efficient high quality video production environment unique to Hollywood.

【TV commercial/video for web, product promotion, company introduction】

From planning to shooting, editing and delivery. Create sales promotion tools that meet the needs of the client.

【TV programs/TV shopping/film production】

Production professionals in Hollywood create unique content from a local point of view.

【Filming of event and concerts】

Including live broadcasting.


Supports subtitles and voice over in multiple language such as Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc……

Event Management Operation

45 years of experience as a television station in Los Angeles and various event with knowledge of the general entertainment industry.

【North America concert/Planning/ Production/Coordination of performance】

Production, lighting, audio equipment, management, theatres, and ticket sales arrangements, etc. Coordinate cooperation between technical staff in Japan and the US that require expert knowledge.

【Business event planning/Production/ Coordination】

Supports directing, opening ceremonies, parties, seminars and talk show. Abundant connections with Japanese talent and entertainment offices speakers well known speakers and consultants.

【Business show exhibition support】

Technical staff such as booth, AV system installation, exhibition, distribution creation staff.

【Hollywood concert hall rental】

500 capacity side by side illumination, technical support, sound and video.