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April 6th (Sat) O.A. NEWS DIGEST

Redondo Beach and Itoman City Friendship Pledge

Redondo Beach and Itoman City in Okinawa signed an official Friendship Pledge. On March 26th, there was the certificate signing ceremony for the pact in front of related personnel. At Redondo Beach’s Council Chambers, along with Mayor Mark Gin, the Redondo Beach City Council and the Redondo Beach Japanese Sister Cities Committee gathered. Hirotsune Uehara, Mayor of Itoman City, was connected via webcam. Simultaneously broadcasted over the Internet, the signing ceremony took place in both the US and Japan. The friendship between the two cities began as Mayor Gin's family lived next to a person from Itoman City. Both cities deepened their friendship for 6 years as the mayors visited each other’s cities. Students did homestays as well. With this pact, there will be more exchange programs about culture, education and health.

Southern California Asian Food Show

On March 26th, the 7th Annual Southern California Asian Food Show 2013 took place in Whittier. This food show was for industry professionals and it was held by the Chinese company, Giant Union, which is an Asian food distributor. Japanese food division, Maru-Kyo, introduced many authentic high quality Japanese foods including direct imported goods. Currently, Japanese food accounts for 25% of the sales for the company. At the event, over 40 manufactures participated. Wakayama prefecture’s Kishu plum liquor and different flavors of Shimane prefecture’s Izumo Soba noodles were also introduced.

Japan’s Modern Divide

There is a photo exhibition called "Japan’s Modern Divide" at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Over 200 works from photographers Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto, who were active before and after World War II, were displayed. These two, who represent the 20th century’s Japanese photography world, developed contrasting styles. Hamaya recorded traditional life and culture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. He placed importance on maintaining Japanese traditions such as labor in the rice fields and New Year's rituals. For Yamamoto, he was influenced by European Surrealism and became the main person within the Japanese avant-garde photography movement. Before the war, he released works that were about free speech and thought oppression by the state power. This was one of Yamamoto’s masterpieces, A Chronicle of Drifting. It is a collage of a mannequin with a sailboat head within splashing water. Yamamoto’s son, Toshio Yamamoto came from Japan for this day's media tour. For the last 6 years, Getty Museum has actively added Japanese photographs to their collection.

Silver Lake Wine

Silver Lake Wine has 250 reviews and 5 stars on Yelp. In the store, over 700 wines from various prices are available. What’s going to be enjoyed today is the most popular event here called, “Sundays at three”. There were 90 participants inside and it was very crowded. Prior reservations are needed. You head to the counter at 3 and confirm your reservation. Then you accept the aperitif. After the aperitif is finally the finale! There are 4 different wines to try. When the wine was distributed to everyone, the explanations from the staffs begin. Today’s wine was Caduceus Cellars. The winery was established by Maynard James Keenan, who was a rock singer active in the 90s. This event’s most distinctive feature is that it comes with it! This time’s Hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) uses ingredients from local farms. The tasting takes about 2 hours, as there are explanations and Q&A. This glamorous set for one person is only 20 dollars! This event is filled with wine knowledge and delicious foods.

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